Ozark Mountain Adventure


The Branson Area’s First Glamping Adventure

Ozark Mountain Adventure Story

It all began one summer when I was on a road trip in the mountain of Colorado, thousands of miles from home, I stumbled upon a Colorado KOA Campsite with its last camping spot – it was listed as “Glamping.” What on earth is glamping? The sun was setting fast and I was tired from the drive, so even though I had no idea what glamping meant, I booked it – and so the journey began.

Morning came quickly as the sun peaked over the mountains. My tent doors were open – and while snuggled comfy in bed, I thought to myself – how can I bring this amazing experience to Branson, Missouri. It feels like I’m camping, the old fashioned way, but I’m comfortable with great scenery, luxury bedding and décor, with warm heat rising from the little heater inside my tent.

Back home in the heart of Missouri, I thought a lot about that glamping experience. How could I bring that same experience to the Ozark Mountains? Where would I even begin? With so many ideas – I quickly became overwhelmed so I enlisted the help of a good friend and he helped me begin laying out the plans, one-by-one. He provided the encouragement I needed and it was then that I was able to formalize my vision.

The journey hasn’t been easy. Making decisions regarding underground utilities, power poles, a well, and road way layouts – while hiking countless miles across the property to strategically plan the future glamping sites and scenery was a lot to manage. With thousands of dollars already spent on infrastructure, every time I turned around there was another expenditure. Then taking the idea to the county to gain approval was a whole new experience. That night I stood before 48 of my neighbors who spoke negatively against my vision – when they didn’t even know what glamping was because this is the first of its kind in Branson – ended with a vote of 7 to 1 in favor by the county. This was all part of the journey that I would like to call ‘TCB’ – taking care of business. Throughout all the unforeseen financial expense and mounting community gossip via online conversations and in-person threats – I stood firm and stayed focused on my goal – the Glamping must go on.

Within a few weeks after county approval, the custom tents arrived from Montana, the road was formed, and (4) four of the (10) ten glamping sites that were approved by the county were on track to completion. My dream was finally becoming a reality.
I pray that for those who stay in one of my Ozark Mountain Adventure Glamping sites, you get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Ozark Mountains, up close and personal. Should you need anything, it would be my honor to ensure your camping stay is glamourous and one to remember, please reach out. I’m here to serve you